Compositions of Dance and Music have been recorded (Both Audio and Video) by Odissi Research Centre. Different percussion instruments like Pakhawaj (Mardala), Mrudanga, Khola of various types and of various regions have been recorded for documentation purposes.
     The most important and attractive feature of Odissi Research Centre is its set of accompanying musicians who are in its pay roll. So, in a very short notice of some hours also Odissi Research Centre is ready for the presentation of Odissi Dance or Odissi Music. All musicians are the Graded Artists of A.I.R. (All India Radio) and Door Darshan.
    The Centre has produced more than Forty Dance-Dramas and a number of Mangalacharan, Pallavis and Abhinayas. The artists have performed in almost all the Dance Festivals inside and outside the country.
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