Konark Dance Festival is the annual feature of Odissi Research Centre, joining the hands with Department of Tourism and Department of Culture, apart from performing on the 1st day of the festival, it organises the whole cultural events for all the five days as a nodal agency of the Government of Odisha. This festival is always held from 1st December to 5th of December.
    This festival promotes group choreography in different form of classical dance. This festival has a great tourist attraction for its ambience having ‘Konrak’ at the backdrop.
    Similarly it organizes the whole cultural events of Mukteswar Festival & partly the Sreekhetra Festival organized by the Tourism Department of Odisha .
    Apart from these festivals it orgnises “National Festival of Odissi Dance & Music” for  five days every year from 26th to 30th December of its own. A large number of artists of the State as well as outside are being invited to participate in the above festival. This festival has received International acclaim.
    It organises Odissi music performance and seminars on different platforms on different places with the aim of putting Odissi music in the classical map of music.  Most successfully, to differentiate among the three styles, Hindusthani, Karnatic and Odissi it has organised the singing of all the major styles on the same platform.