‘25’nos. Bruttas (the tunings of Chhandas – a type of song comes under Odissi repertoires) have been recorded by Odissi Research Centre. Selected lyrics of the poets like: Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja, Gangadhar Meher, Abhimanyu Samantsinghar and many more have been recorded in the cassettes.
3. ODISSI SONGS (Cassettes)  
Some typical traditional songs have been recorded by Odissi Research Centre which has heavy demand in the market.
4. 4. CHHANDA CASSETTES (Sets of 3 Nos.)  
Name of the Video Cassette  
This treatise of Jadunath Singh of Tigiria, Odisha is first of its kind in India which has given the exact direction how to do the specific usages. They have been shown by Guru Pankaj Ch. Das to the Sanskrit Version of the Great Sanskrit Scholar Late Pt. Nilamani Mishra. This is a Video Cassette first of its kind, it’s also a basic book of Odissi Dance where the nomenclatures of different Postures and Mudras are found.
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